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Xcel Services Group Partnered with Wanify

When Xcel Partners with Wanify, personalized support, industry’s best WAN technology and premium pricing are all included.

Wanify and Xcel Services Group

We know there are tons of SD-WAN solutions out there. That’s why we bring you the unique experience of getting a flexible network without having to work with inflexible carriers. And, we help you manage all your internet providers, too! It’s just that easy!


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A Better Customer Experience.

Avoid the hassle of going directly to a carrier for SD-WAN. Wanify will manage the entire process for you, offering you superior SD-WAN technology and a high touch experience that you won’t get from a provider. We’re here for you as a devoted partner in managing the entire SD-WAN solution and helping you grow your business.

Better Support at the Right Price.

Setting up a new branch, remote office or the like is much easier with SD-WAN operations, as it can be as simple as setting up an appliance.

is wanify the right choice for your business?

Does this sound like you?

I’m sick of working with unresponsive carriers.

I want to know my network is secure.

I need to manage multiple locations.

I need a flexible networking solution.

I want to be able to easily get visibility into a network.

I’m growing my business and need a network that can grow.

Xcel Services Group and Wanify provide your business with sd-wan and the support to match

Most SD-WAN providers won’t give you a dedicated contact unless you’re emptying your pockets.
We’re here for you 24/7 as your devoted partner who helps grow your business, and with Xcel Services Group premium pricing discounts and white glove service, you’ll be sure to keep your pockets full.



Premium pricing that works for you


Personalized care and support


24/7 dedicated contact


Industry’s best WAN technology


Partner who manages entire solution


Truly customized experience


Manage everything from one simple easy-to-use dashboard.  We’ve worked hard to make things simple to use for our clients.  Check everything from applications to bandwidth usage with ease.  No more wondering if things are working properly. 

Real-Time Usage


Edges, Network Services, Alerts, and Events all in a simplified dashboard.  See the power of Wanify in real-time.  


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Let’s get started on your SD-WAN project today.  Simply click a time that works with you, and we will be there.  Xcel powered by Wanify, your simple SD-Wan managed solution.

How xcel can help

Xcel Services Group partnered with Wanifyhelp businesses every day with SD-Wan:

  • Manage your SD-WAN so you can focus on revenue initiatives
  • Provide your business with our premium pricing discounts
  • Use our powerful dashboard and simplify your WAN management. 

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